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Top Ten Drinks to Accompany Pipe Tobacco

Top Ten Drinks to Accompany Pipe Tobacco

Posted by Paykoc Pipes ,Apr 21st 2015

There are few pleasures in life greater than relaxing alone after a long day at the office or over weekend conversation with old friends than a stiff drink and a smooth puff of pipe tobacco. This timeless combination has been enjoyed on countless occasions over the centuries and remains the epitome of sophistication and true pleasure. Whether you’re reveling in the delicious smoke emanating from your intricate, hand-carved Meerschaum or your classic, wood tobacco pipe in your favorite fire-side armchair or at a friend’s party, you’ll need the perfect beverage to fill the empty space in your other hand. Not sure which drink to choose? Here are a few of tobacco pipe smokers’ favorite drinks to go along with their afternoon or evening smoke.

What to Sip While You Puff: The Best Drinks for Pipe Smoking

1. Beer

The darker, the better. While everyone has their own beer preferences, whether they tend towards the hoppy, light, fruity, or just plain cheap, the beers that go best with pipe tobacco in the evening are hoppy, rich, full, and dark such as porters, stouts, or IPAs. Some popular brands and beverages include the classic Guinness, Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro, Negra Modelo, Allagash Black, Founders Porter, and basically anything you can find that’s been brewed in a bourbon barrel.

2. Red Wine

Wine—and especially red wine—has always been the standard of a sophisticated night. The sleepy, warm contentment that comes with a glass of delicious Merlot or Pinot Noir is a perfect accompaniment to not just a great meal, but also to an evening of pipe smoking. Pair your tobacco with these red wines all for $15 or under:

  • Esser Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
  • SKN Merlot
  • Terrazas de los Andes Reserva Malbec
  • Hardys Nottage Hill Pinot Noir
  • Morse Code Shiraz
  • Coltibuono Cetamura Chianti

3. Single-Malt Whiskey/Scotch

Many pipe smokers attest to the power of a whiskey on the rocks to accompany their nightly tobacco. While there are many whiskeys on the market, none hit the spot quite so well as a single-malt whiskey or single-malt Scotch, which contains a mash that only uses one particular grain, usually barley or rye. The pure taste and smooth finish of a good single-malt like Aberfeldy 21, Ben Nevis Single Cask Highland 15, or Glenfiddich 30 simply cannot be beat.

4. Bourbon

An American whiskey made from corn mash, bourbon is an equally fitting accompaniment to your tobacco pipe. It can be served on the rocks or in a cocktail. Check out some of the best bourbons in the country like Red Handed, Van Brunt Stillhouse, Knob Creek, or Charred Oak.

5. Brandy

A favorite after-dinner drink, brandy is a caramel-colored spirit made from distilled wine. Sip your brandy or cognac straight up from a snifter or tulip glass or in a beloved cocktail such as a brandy sour or sidecar. Try popular brands such as Remy Martin, Martell, or Dreher.

6. Southern Comfort

A liqueur produced from neutral spirits with fruit, spice, and a hint of whiskey flavor, Southern Comfort is a tantalizingly sweet accompaniment to you nightly smoke. It can be served straight up with a lime garnish or in a cocktail with cranberry or lime juice.

7. Martini

These last four cocktails are classic accompaniments to any evening’s pleasures. A dry martini, made with dry, white vermouth, gin, a dash of orange bitters, and a lemon twist garnish, is a timeless, popular, and subtle cocktail sure to enhance the flavors of any quality tobacco.

8. Rum and Coke

Also known as a Cuba Libre, a rum and coke is simply the perfect combination of dark or light rum with cola, and a bit of lime juice for the adventurous, all served in a highball glass over lots of ice. The rum and coke is perfect for warm evenings on the porch or around a summer bonfire with a group of friends and a pipe.

9. Old Fashioned

Made with bourbon or rye whiskey, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, 1 sugar cube, and just a touch of water, the Old Fashioned is best when garnished with an orange slice, a cocktail cherry, and the pipe tobacco of your choice.

10. Margarita

The last item on this list may seem like an odd choice—margaritas are as tropical and fruity as they are salty and strong—but just try sipping this popular cocktail while puffing on your pipe tonight. Believe us, it won’t disappoint.

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