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Meerschaum Ram's Head Tobacco Pipe By Paykoc M01409

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Meerschaum Ram's Head Tobacco Pipe By Paykoc M01409

SKU: M01409

About Our Meerschaum

Sleek. Sophisticated. Pure. Meerschaum is one of Earth's rare treasures, a gift of nature perfect for smooth smoking. Unlike other tobacco pipes, a meerschaum smokes perfectly on your first bowl. Additionally, your pipe will absorb the smoke taking on new character as it browns.

This tobacco pipe is hand-crafted out of block meerschaum stone. It is then fitted with a custom Teflon tenon and a Lucite stem. Our wonderful series of pipes includes a custom hinged-case wrapped in black leather. Meerschaum is a natural filter, no additional filter will fit. Satisfaction guaranteed. 90 day warranty.

Length: 6"
Width: 1"
Height: 2 1/2"
Inner Bowl Height: 1 1/4"
Bowl Width: 5/8"