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Top Tips to Transition From Cigars to Pipe Smoking

Top Tips to Transition From Cigars to Pipe Smoking

Posted by Paykoc Pipes ,Jun 12th 2023

Top Tips for Cigar Smokers Who Want to Transition to Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking is much cheaper than cigar smoking and, as far as many people are concerned, far more relaxing too. It is for these reasons that many cigar smokers consider transitioning to pipe smoking at one point or another in their lives. Unfortunately, a fair number fail to make the transition successfully but this is mainly due to a lack of preparation rather than any inherent disadvantage associated with pipe smoking. If you are interested in switching from cigars to tobacco pipes, you are sure to find the top tips below very useful. Follow each one carefully and you can make your transition smoother and more enjoyable, right from the very start.

Transition to Pipe Smoking the Easy Way with Our Top Tips

With a little patience and preparation, making the transition to tobacco pipes could be much easier than you imagined.

  • Slow Down (Relights Are Fine) – If you smoke a pipe at the same pace as you smoke cigars, you’re likely to run into a number of issues. Firstly, the tobacco in your bowl will get very hot, which can negatively affect the taste. Secondly, if you smoke very quickly, you could even damage some pipe bowls. Take a break between puffs and focus on the flavors of the blend you are smoking. Relights are best avoided when smoking quality cigars but are fine when smoking a pipe: they will not spoil the taste of the tobacco.
  • Take Gentle Draws – Another issue that many cigar smokers run into is that of drawing too enthusiastically on a pipe when they first transition. Take gentle draws and you will find the flavor is much more enjoyable. By following the first tip to slow down, and taking gentle sips too, you’ll be able to keep the tobacco in your bowl cool, ensuring a smooth smoking experience. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a while to adjust as many people go through the same process when they first start smoking tobacco pipes.
  • Invest in Quality Pipes and Rotate ThemWell-made tobacco pipes will not only smoke better, but they will also be more enjoyable to use. Make sure your pipes are comfortable to hold and easy to draw on if you want to avoid any teething problems. The reason we suggest that you invest in a small collection is so you can give each pipe a chance to rest before using it again. Whilst it is possible to get by with just one pipe, the bowl may become very moist over time, making it more difficult for you to keep your tobacco alight.
  • Purchase Essential Tobacco Pipe Accessories – At a minimum, we recommend a traditional pipe tool, which includes a tamper to tamp down the tobacco, a pick to clear blockages in the stem, and a small scoop for removing excess ash from the top of the bowl.
  • Experiment with Tobacco Blends – Pipe smokers enjoy access to a wide variety of different tobacco blends, ranging from strong straight Virginias and English blends, all the way to light, fragrant aromatics. You will inevitably need to experiment in order to find your favorite blends but many pipe aficionados see this as one of the charms and attractions of pipe smoking.

We hope that you find these tips as useful as we did and that you are able to make the transition as quickly and easily as possible. While you are here, we’d also like to invite you to browse our selection of retail and wholesale tobacco pipes, and tobacco pipe accessories, all of which can be ordered online and delivered to your door.